Past USFIA Webinars

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) offers topic-driven webinars on issues of importance to the textile and apparel importing community. Our webinars offer the opportunity for you to hear from experts without leaving your desk--and you can participate from anywhere in the world. Below, you'll find recaps from select past webinars.

TPP: Jon Fee In-Depth on Rules of Origin, Staging, & Entry Into Force 11/23/15
TPP: It's Just the Beginning! 11/17/15
FTA & Trade Preference Program Factory Verification Audits: The Textile Production Verfication Team Leader's Perspective 11/12/15
The Fusion of Fashion & Technology: The Emerging Legal Landscape for the Fashion Industry in the Digital Age 10/21/15
Introduction to Customs Audits 10/08/15
Recovering After Disaster: Lessons Learned for Supply Chain Execs 10/06/15
Conflict Minerals - 2015 & Beyond 09/30/15
Introduction to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition & Higg Index 09/29/15
Update on GSP 09/25/15
Driving Supply Chain Transparency While Reducing Inefficiency 09/10/15
Don't Just Claim It, Prove It! Verifying Textile Performance Claims 08/05/15
Building the Bridge Between Production & Logistics 07/28/15
FTZ Opportunities for Fashion & Apparel Retailers 06/19/15
Importing 101 06/16/15
Update on California's Transparency in Supply Chains Act 06/15/15
Responding to FTA Verification Requests: The Customs Broker's Perspective 05/28/15
Challenges & Opportunities for Fashion & Apparel Retailers in Asia 04/09/15
"Made in Where?" Developments in the Area of "Made in U.S.A." Labeling & Related Issues 03/24/15
ACE Reporting 101 03/11/15
Introduction to the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) 02/24/15
No, it's not a user guide...it's the EU product label! 02/12/15
Industry Insights & Actions Taken by the Mexican Government 02/10/15
Navigate the Conflict Minerals Requirements in 2015 01/27/15
Update on the Obama Administration's Trade Policy Agenda: After the SOTU 01/26/15
Update on Labor Compliance in the Global Fashion Industry 01/13/15
Responsible Cotton Sourcing: The Cotton LEADS™ Program 11/20/14
After the Midterms: What's Next for Trade Policy? 11/14/14
Conflict Minerals Update: ecVision's Supply Chain Solution 10/29/14
Who's Liable for Customs Violations? The Trek Leather Decision & Other Cases 10/22/14
Labor Pains: Managing the Employee with a Medical Issue 10/02/14
Grow Your Company: Payment Acceptance Strategies in a Global E-Commerce Environment 09/30/14
Be A Cyber Risk Hero: Understand the Risks & Get Them Insured 09/16/14
Customs Lab Testing: End of the Story or Just the Beginning? 09/09/14
Supply Chain Collaboration: Integrating Supplier Certifications & Technology 08/13/14
Export Control Compliance & OFAC Sanctions 07/23/14
Supplier Risk Management: What If It Hits the Fan? 07/16/14
Importing & Retailing in Japan 06/20/14
Developing Product Safety Compliance & Testing Management Programs 06/19/14
Special Claims for Functional Fabrics 06/04/14
Duty-Free Opportunities in Colombia: Two Years After the FTA 06/04/14
Importing & Retailing in Taiwan 05/23/14
Cracking the Content Label Code 05/08/14
Importing & Retailing in China 05/06/14
Conflict Minerals: What Companies Need to Know Now 05/01/14
The Ins & Outs of Direct Filing 04/08/14
Benchmarking Study on First Sale for Export Method of Valuation and FTZs: Determining Leading Practices for Savings & Compliance 04/07/14
Hot Topics in EU Customs 03/27/14
Trade Policy Outlook for 2014 01/23/14
Back to Basics for Importers: Trade Policy & Classification 12/03/13
Hot Customs & Trade Topics in Canada 11/20/13
Understanding CBP's Note 5 Rule 11/19/13
Strategies for Conflict Minerals Compliance 11/14/13
Compliance at the Start: Getting Involved in Your Up-Front Process to Ensure Compliance 10/30/13
Best Practices for Managing Ethical Sourcing & Vendor Compliance 10/08/13
Cracking the Care Label Code 10/04/13
Royalties & License Fees: Dutiable or Not? 09/10/13
First Sale: New Developments & Keys to Building A Stronger Savings & Compliance Program 07/23/13
Paying the Price for Non-Compliance 06/05/13
Importing Textiles & Apparel Into Canada 04/23/13
TPP Update for Apparel Importers 03/21/13
An Update on CPSC Testing & Certification Requirements for Apparel 03/19/13
Conflict Minerals Rule for Apparel Importers 03/05/13
Retailing in China: Successfully Navigating China Customs & CIQ Requirements 01/08/13
From Best Practices to Regulatory Compliance: Leveraging Software to Manage Trade Preference Programs 10/23/12
FTZ for Textile/Apparel/Footwear Distribution: Fear of the Unknown? 10/02/12
What You Always Wanted to Know About Textile Trade Agreements & Duty-Free Programs (But Didn't Know Who to Ask!) 09/27/12
First Sale: Be Prepared & Stay Informed 09/11/12
CAFTA-DR Fixes: What Companies Need to Know 09/06/12
How U.S. Companies Can Address Argentina's Import Restrictions 08/28/12
Customs & Hangers - Don't Be Left Hanging! 08/14/12
SAVE Our Industries Act: Opportunities in the Philippines 06/14/12
View from the Ground: Challenges & Solutions for Sourcing & Compliance in Bangladesh 06/06/12
On the Way to the Colombia FTA 05/04/12
On the Way to the Korea FTA 05/01/12
Past Event Recordings 08/30/11
Lessons Learned From the Narrow Woven Ribbon Case 03/23/11
The Ins and Outs of CPSC's New Database 03/04/11
Textile Soles - New Rules 01/12/11
Managing Your Third Party Risks Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 06/22/10
What the Haiti HELP Act Can Do For You 06/03/10
The Global Supply and Demand Situation for Cotton 05/24/10

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