The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is excited to announce our Premier Partner for 2015 to help us deliver essential information and innovative programing to our members. 

PwC’s Customs and International Trade Practice, comprising an expansive global network of dedicated customs and international trade specialists located in over 60 countries, has been selected as the USFIA Premier Partner for 2015. PwC ( will work collaboratively with us to support our mission and activities while helping us keep our members informed about key international trade and customs issues. 

Since joining the association in 1999, PwC’s experts have spoken at our events and hosted webinars on topics like First Sale, sourcing diversification, and importing and retailing in China, Taiwan, and Japan. This year, we will work closely with a global partnership team and utilize the breadth and depth of the firm’s resources in many issue areas to develop innovative educational content and networking opportunities, as well as work to enhance both organizations’ visibility in the United States and abroad. 

As our Premier Partner, PwC will:

  • Deliver a panel discussion presentation at the USFIA West Coast Seminar on February 19th in San Francisco, California, featuring PwC practitioners and importers discussing the practical implications of implementing and maintaining compliant First Sale programs and also reacting to recent developments impacting such programs.
  • Host bimonthly webinars featuring experts from across the firm, including the Customs & International Trade Practice, the Retail & Consumer Practice, Global Operations Consulting, and more. The first webinar will take place on February 12, 2015, and focuses on the EU labeling requirements for garments, footwear and (leather) accessories. Speakers include Jos Verstraten, CIT Director for PwC Netherlands, and Claudia Buysing Damste, CIT Sr. Manager PwC Netherlands.
  • Additional webinars will include:
    • April 2015: Hot Topics Related to Importing/Distributing in China, with Damon Paling, CIT Partner, PwC Shanghai
    • June 2015: Foreign Trade Zone Usage for Fashion Distribution, with Dom Gambardella, CIT Partner, PwC US
    • August 2015: Driving Supply Chain Transparency while Reducing Inefficiency, with Carla DeSantis, Partner, PwC Advocacy
    • October 2015: FCPA, GSC, & Conflict Minerals Compliance
    • December 2015: FTA & Special Preference Program Compliance – A Global Perspective, with PwC Representatives from the United States, Canada, EU, and Asia
  • Participate in the 27th annual conference in New York in November as a featured speaker and exhibitor, as well as develop a half-day program for conference attendees to take a deeper dive into critical international trade and customs issues.
  • Invite USFIA members to participate in other PwC-sponsored educational and networking opportunities around the world.

USFIA’s Partners support us in our mission while helping us amplify the industry’s voice on the critical issues and keep our members informed about the regulatory challenges of today and tomorrow.