The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is excited to announce that BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions will be our Sustainability Partner for 2017, helping us deliver timely information to our members and develop best practices and educational materials on supply chain transparency and traceability, as well as sustainable, ethical sourcing and business practices.

BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions is the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, assessment management solutions, global auditing services, and risk management advisory services. BSI’s mission is to help organizations identify, manage, and mitigate global supply chain threats and maintain world-class compliance programs. BSI’s holistic supply chain risk management suite is designed to help organizations predict and visualize risk, and develop robust mitigation and compliance management programs to protect their supply chain, brand, and reputation.

 “USFIA values BSI’s strong support of our organization and activities, and we’re thrilled to work together more closely to develop educational resources for the industry,” says Julia K. Hughes, President of USFIA. “In addition to bringing BSI’s corporate responsibility and supply chain transparency expertise to our events, webinars, and member content, we’re also looking forward to working with BSI to launch our Social Compliance & Sustainability Committee later this year.” 

“At BSI, we understand that in order to remain a leading provider of supply chain risk management services, we have to keep close tabs on the challenges that are having the greatest impact on the industry. Our goal is to arm global organizations with the predictive intelligence and visibility needed to proactively monitor supply chain risk. For us, USFIA provides a way to confirm that we are continuing to offer the services and solutions required to meet the needs of the fashion industry and to help improve overall supply chain transparency and ethical sourcing programs,” says Brittney De Stefano, Business Development Manager for BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with the association and working closely with the membership,” added De Stefano.

USFIA and BSI kicked off the partnership at USFIA Fashion Forward: San Francisco, the sold-out annual event at Levi Strauss & Co. BSI was the official co-sponsor of the event and the company’s experts presented on social responsibility and audit best practices. Throughout the rest of the year, BSI will:

  • Serve as co-chair of the USFIA Social Compliance & Sustainability Committee, launching July 2017.
  • Present on social responsibility at the USFIA Washington Trade Symposium on July 12th on Capitol Hill.
  • Present on the Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN) during events and webinars throughout the year. BSI manages SCAN, which U.S. Customs & Border Protection considers a “best practice” for brands and retailers.
  • Co-host a series of webinars for USFIA’s members and network, including webinars this spring on responsible sourcing and supply chain mitigation strategies, and supply mapping methods for the fashion industry.
  • Provide intelligence to USFIA members from the Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN), BSI’s web-based, comprehensive global supply chain intelligence system.
  • Provide access to BSI’s new Supply Chain Intelligence Center where individual SCREEN country risk reports are available for purchase
  • Invite USFIA members to access other BSI materials, and participate in BSI-sponsored educational and networking opportunities around the world. Join BSI on Wednesday, March 22nd, for a free webinar, BSI's Annual Global Supply Chain Intelligence Review.
  • Work closely with USFIA to expand both organizations’ visibility.

USFIA’s partners support us in our mission while helping us amplify the industry’s voice on the critical issues and keep our members informed about the regulatory challenges of today and tomorrow. For more information on our partners for 2017, visit

For more information on BSI’s services and solutions, contact Brittney De Stefano or visit our website at