On May 12th, the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) joined a coalition letter to the House Ways & Means Committee leadership expressing support for H.R. 1907, the Trade Facilitation & Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, or Customs Reauthorization. The letter notes that the Senate version, S. 1015, “raises several concerns because the legislation includes provisions that have not been adequately vetted or debated, are inconsistent with the United States’ international obligations, or would unnecessarily increase the bureaucracy of trade enforcement without an increase in effectiveness. Proposals included in the Senate bill are not a balanced approach to enforcement.” In particular, the letter calls out the Senate bill’s ENFORCE language, which “would burden U.S. Customs and Border Protection with a new and time-consuming administrative process,” as well as the “Leveling the Playing Field Act,” which “would amend U.S. trade remedy laws in ways that are inconsistent with U.S. international obligations under the WTO rules and would lower the standards for injury determinations.” The letter is available here.  While the Senate did pass its version of the bill, the Obama Administration issued a statement noting that it has concerns with some of the provisions, as well.