In the December 12, 2016, issue of Sourcing Journal, USFIA President Julia K. Hughes provided some “advice” to President-Elect Donald Trump on what to do about trade. “Donald Trump isn’t the only one taking up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) recently moved into our new offices just steps from the White House—and as we packed and unpacked the history of our organization, I couldn’t help but think about the election, and the impact the new Administration could have on the fashion industry,” she wrote. “We suspect the new president will not abolish NAFTA or other existing trade agreements—but there is nonetheless a sharp shift in the tone of the national discussion about trade. This is worrisome because the fashion industry is global and depends on trade around the world to create high-quality jobs in the United States. So, we have a few suggestions for our soon-to-be-new neighbor.” You can read our four suggestions on the Sourcing Journal website.