Amber Road Webinar on Global Trade Trends Around the World


Global trade and policies are changing quickly. Leaders of the world’s biggest economies are trying to have it both ways on trade – protectionism with a commitment to free trade. This leaves companies that move goods and services across borders between a rock and a hard place when it comes to sorting out their business.

USFIA's Innovation Partner Amber Road has gathered a team of global trade content experts who will shed some light on recent trade policy changes and discuss how you can remain complaint through it all, including:

The proliferation of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements
The European Union’s new trade pacts with Vietnam, Canada and Japan
Restrictive measures being placed on importers into the Netherlands
India’s new GST that simplifies the archaic system currently in place
More stringent denied party screening lists
Stay current, stay compliant. Join Amber Road to learn more about reducing your global trade risk and improving process efficiencies.

Speakers will include:
-Gary M. Barraco, Moderator
-Kristine Bols
-Farooque Nayyer
-Arne Mielken

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