From one industry to the next, supply chains are being stretched and supplier bases are expanding; leading to increased pressure to roll-out a supply network with leading supplier management and global sourcing tools. This is critical to enjoy product innovation benefits, better manage product quality and facility compliance, reduce order cycles and cost with ONE global transaction.  In short, go all the way upstream to the source to start automation. 

Gary M. Barraco, Director of Global Product Marketing at Amber RoadJeffrey A. Kuhn, Vice President of Supply Chain Planning & Operations at Caleres, Inc. (Formerly Brown Shoe Company), and Maytee Pereira, Director in PwC's Customs & International Trade Practice in New York, discuss the challenges of supplier enablement – still very much on the front of mind of many procurement organizations – and how companies today are implementing and maintaining key strategic partnerships to gain innovation, resilience, compliance, and sustainable supply streams. 

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