On July 23, 2013, USA-ITA and Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, an Associate Member of USA-ITA, hosted a webinar titled "First Sale: New Developments & Keys to Building A Stronger Savings & Compliance Program." STR is a recognized authority on the First Sale Rule. This comprehensive webinar guides you through the process of building a First Sale program that will immediately add value to your company's bottom line. Whether you're starting a First Sale program from scratch, or whether you want the latest updates on best practices to ensure success, this webinar provides an informative overview.

Charles L. Crowley, Esq., member of the Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., New York office, will discussed the following topics:

-How to assess your company's First Sale duty savings potential

-How to create a First Sale program with minimal impact to current transaction structure

-How to establish the requisite internal controls and procedures so that your duty savings program will stand up to Customs scrutiny

-How to work with your brokers and suppliers to make sure that documentation meets Customs' rigid standards

-How to analyze and implement first sale import transactions to meet First Sale requirements

As a nationally-recognized authority on international trade and business law, Mr. Crowley has substantial experience leading and directing global trade and customs practices. In addition, Mr. Crowley provides counsel to clients on customs issues such as first sale and other valuation matters, duty refunds and tax/tariff reductions, foreign-trade zones, and customs audits. Mr. Crowley has worked on more first sale matters globally than any other attorney or consultant. He was an Attorney at Customs Headquarters and former President of the Customs Lawyers Association.

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