In January 2016, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) announced a dynamic new approach to certification, which overcomes the pervasive challenge of monitoring working hours within the modern-day realities of global sewn products manufacturing. As industry observers are well aware, existing models of certification have resulted in a misalignment of incentives for factories. Fearing that telling the truth would actually harm their chances of certification, many factories attempt to “pass” audits by doctoring their records to show the kinds of numbers they think the auditors want to see, especially when it comes to working hours. Besides the challenge this presents for audit legitimacy, this lack of transparency inherently hampers WRAP’s ultimate aim of engaging with facilities to help drive real and lasting improvements in working conditions. In order to address this while remaining true to its mission of being an independent, objective verifier of sound social compliance practices, WRAP implemented a major change to its approach on working hours.

WRAP's Hong Mei, Director of Compliance Assurance, and Elizabeth Pulos, Senior Manager of Compliance Administration, provide more about WRAP's new working hour policy, and the lessons learned one year after implementation, in this webinar