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Join experts from FCStone for an update on the latest information and insights about cotton prices, availability and futures. The webinar will address these questions and more:

  • Cotton prices have doubled since this time last year - will they continue to rise?
  • What are the factors that propel cotton prices? Is it simply supply and demand or are other factors at work?
  • Do higher cotton prices really translate into higher costs for clothing companies? For retailers?
  • Considering that foreign governments have restricted cotton exports, will supply continue to meet demand?
  • What effect will cotton yarn embargoes/export tariffs have on sourcing in the Subcontinent and Asia?
  • How can companies use cotton futures to balance risk and trade?

About the Presenter:

FCStone Robert Antoshak
President, FCStone Fibers & Textiles

Mr. Antoshak supervises the compilation and analysis of textile information for the Globecot News Network, an electronic news subscription service devoted exclusively to the fiber and textile industry. Mr. Antoshak also oversees Globecot’s market research, strategic planning and management consulting services.

Mr. Antoshak has 30 years of experience in the fiber and textile industries. He has held analyst positions with the Fiber Economics Bureau as editor of the Fiber Organon, American Fiber Manufacturers Association as Director of International Trade, American Textile Manufacturers as Associate Director of International Trade, Bogle & Gates, Director of Research, Trade Resources, Inc., as President and Werner International as Vice President of Information Services.

In addition to an extensive background in textile marketing, strategic planning and forecasting, Mr. Antoshak has strong experience in trade negotiations and worked as a FBI-cleared industry advisor to the U.S. government on numerous bilateral quota trade agreements, NAFTA, the MFA and the WTO.

Co-sponsored by: AISA