Amidst the current uncertainty surrounding certain trade preference programs, it would behoove importers to consider establishing First Sale for Export programs as an alternative method in which to reduce duties owed to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. First Sale appraisement is a U.S. Customs-approved valuation method that may be employed in multi-tiered distribution systems (e.g., foreign manufacturer, foreign middleman and importer) to reduce the customs value of imported merchandise. Such programs have proven to result in significant savings for many importers. For those importers already operating under an existing First Sale structure, it is important to note that U.S. Customs has explicitly expressed its renewed interest in first sale transactions.

In that regard, PwC has had significant success in establishing compliant first sale structures for many of its clients with the help of its vast global network, established industry relationships, and unique project management tools, among other things. Accordingly, this webinar seeks to address the general concept of "first sale" and the basic legal requirements thereunder.  It also seeks to address how to prepare for, and survive, U.S. Customs audits; perform annual "health checks," as well as successfully on-board new vendors.