Litigation, such as Customs Enforcement Actions and the False Claims Act, can have devastating consequences for a company. Roscoe C. Howard, Jr., and Michael Battle, Partners at Barnes & Thornburg LLP's Washington Office, discuss practical and (relatively) simple suggestions in-house lawyers can use to reduce such litigation risks proactively.

These seasoned practitioners have deep experience with litigation and will share their insights regarding what others have done--and, more importantly, what people could have done--to minimize risk and contain the damage such litigation can cause. The these two former United States Attorneys cover a variety of topics on how you and your company should handle matters when thegovernment comes knocking at your corporate door, including:

  • False Claims Act issues
  • DOJ's Yates Memorandum
  • Releases in Contract Modifications
  • paying for representation of company officials
  • cooperation with government investigations and internal investigations

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