Levi’s Laser Technology Blends Vintage Style with Modern Efficiency

Board Member Company Levi Strauss & Co. has an innovative way to make jeans greener. When you wanted worn, vintage-look jeans, you used to use pumice stones and about 15 different kinds of chemicals. This process took manufacturers 20-30 minutes by hand per pair of jeans. Today, however, Levi’s is utilizing digital image files and fabric-zapping lasers to whiskers, worn spots, crackle textures, and other features commonly found on trendy distressed jeans. Even better, Levi’s is doing this with fewer hazardous finishing chemicals, working towards its goal of eliminating discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020, and an expansion of its water recycling program. This process is not only greener, but also significantly faster. How fast? Try 90 seconds! Click here to watch how the process works.

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