Importing & Retailing in Japan

Asia's fashion and apparel market is expected to continue to lead global growth for the next couple of years, presenting various business opportunities for many US fashion retail companies. The Asia market size is forecast to continue to grow at an annual rate of 5.0% and Japan continues to be positioned as the second largest market in the region after China.

At the border, Japan Customs pay great attention to imported garments, footwear, and fashion accessories. Customs duty rates for these products are relatively high in Japan and may even reach up to 60% for certain products such as for leather footwear. As a result, this industry is also likely to be under more scrutiny in post-importation audits, and in particular with regard to customs valuation.  For domestic sales, other considerations include legal requirements on such as labelling.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide you with updates on (i) trade and customs compliance (ii) cost saving opportunities (iii) and trade facilitation, so that you can be better positioned to optimize your import and retailing opportunities in Japan. The webinar was delivered by experienced Tokyo-based trade and customs advisors at PwC.   

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