Update on Labor Compliance in the Global Fashion Industry

At the start of a new year, it’s time for fashion brands and retailers to take a fresh look at the labor compliance situation in key sourcing countries and determine how to continue to source in a responsible, ethical, and sustainable way.

Avedis Seferian, President & CEO of Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), provided an overview of the state of labor compliance in the global fashion industry. Seferian, who participated in the Dhaka Apparel Summit in December, discussed the compliance situation on the ground in key countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Myanmar, and reviewed the recent report WRAP authored for Apparel Magazine about major issues in the global supply chain (click here to read the report). Seferian examined the challenges that remain, and importantly, solutions for brands and retailers, explaining how there is a real business case for compliance.

PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.usfashionindustry.com/presentations/011315-USFIA-WRAP-Webinar.pdf

Video: http://www.usfashionindustry.com/presentations/011315-USFIA-WRAP-Webinar.wmv


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