On March 17-18, 2016, ProColombia, the Colombian Government Trade Bureau, will host the Colombian Business Matchmaking Forum in Bogota, Colombia. This epic event will acquaint 2,000 Colombian suppliers with over 1,000 international buyers. During this 2-day event, buyers will be assisted with a tailored agenda to meet up to 18 qualified suppliers in one-on-one meetings. 

The event will bring together the most important suppliers from the textile and apparel, agribusiness, manufacturing, and services industries showcasing a wide range of innovative and high quality products such as confectionery, various food preparations (sauces, colorings, condiments, flavorings and seasonings), fresh and processed fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, textiles, apparel and accessories, IT services, BPO, health services, animation services, and all kinds of manufactured products such as cosmetics made with natural ingredients, construction materials, wood and furniture, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and auto parts. For more information and registration, click here.

“More than a business matchmaking event, this is a contribution to the expansion of our export network. It helps our national industry grow and expand to new areas as well as give the American businesses an opportunity to explore and acquire our high-quality products manufactured with the highest innovation and attention to detail” said Maria Claudia Lacouture, ProColombia’s President.    

ProColombia has played a fundamental role promoting exports from Colombia to the United States generating an increase of 3.7% since 2010 of non-traditional products. Colombia has revamped its image and today it represents one of the most stable economies in Latin America growing 4.4% annually (2010-2015).

In addition, the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Colombia has been pivotal to the diversification of products and companies accessing the American market. From January to November 2015, Colombia registered 2,116 companies exporting to the US - the largest number in the trade history between the two countries – mainly driven by the manufacturing and agribusiness industries accessing though the U.S. east coastal ports in Florida, New York and Texas. Following the FTA in 2012, Colombia has exported to the U.S. 434 new products featuring infant formula, natural cosmetics, dog toys, underwear, shapewear, hydraulic powered lifts, and textiles manufactured with plastic from recycle bottles; among many others.

In 2016, the Colombian Government will be focused on strengthening its growth of non-traditional products setting an expansion goal of 19.3% versus 2015. ProColombia is spearheading virtual meetings to promote 24/7 communication between companies and buyers to facilitate reliable trade information to U.S. business and enable them to connect effectively with Colombian suppliers.

For more information, contact Sylvia Reyes, Apparel and Textiles Director – USA at the Colombian Government Trade Office, at (212) 9229114 ext. 66202 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.