Every year, the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) publishes Sourcing Trends & Outlook, covering trade data and trends and providing a peek into the "crystal ball" at the future of textile, apparel, and fashion sourcing and trade policy. 

The top 5 sourcing trends in the 2024 report are:

  1. Asian apparel suppliers continue to dominate sourcing.
  2. China maintains its role as the top supplier.
  3. Higher costs are easing with lower average unit values.
  4. New suppliers highlight apparel sourcing opportunities.
  5. Despite high duty rates, FTAs and preference programs remain underutilized. CAFTA remains the major duty-free supplier.

See some data highlights below:

Asian apparel suppliers continue to dominate sourcing

                   Top U.S. Apparel Suppliers in 2023 by Quantity

 Top Suppliers by Quantity

Top U.S. Apparel Suppliers in 2023 by Value

Top Suppliers by Value

 CAFTA remains the major duty-free supplier


Chart courtesy of Dr. Sheng Lu, Associate Professor in the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies, University of Delaware.

The report is available exclusively to USFIA members and affiliates in good standing. If you are employed by a member company and did not receive the report, please let us know.