Budgets are tight. Competition is fierce. Your company is having difficult conversations about how to streamline operations and save money, while seeking opportunities for growth. Meanwhile, you wrestle with the evolving policy and economic environment in the United States and other markets, and try to stay up-to-date on trends and regulations.

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) can help you solve problems and grow. We offer high-value, low-cost opportunities to move the needle on your company’s critical policy issues and guide your organization’s growth:

ACCESS TO POLICYMAKERS WHO AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS. With advocacy priorities driven by our members, USFIA provides the forum for game-changing discussions with policymakers. We’ve helped members get clarification on classification, get shipments released, join Trusted Trader programs, and solve other problems. 

CRITICAL INFORMATION AND LOW-COST TRAINING. You’ll receive members-only publications with the latest intelligence from Congress, U.S. Customs, the White House, and the courts before it hits the news. You’ll also receive discounts on seminars, conferences and training sessions, plus dozens of free webinars.

GUIDANCE ON HOW TO SAVE MONEY AND GROW. Your company can leverage USFIA’s leadership, counsel, and partners, who have decades of experience working in the industry and government. They can provide tailored guidance on how to utilize short supply lists to save your company money through trade preference programs, how to manage classification issues at the border, and how trade negotiations and legislation could impact your bottom line in the United States and everywhere else you’re buying and selling.

GLOBAL RESOURCES FOR COMPANIES DOING GLOBAL BUSINESS. The industry is global, your company is global, and USFIA is global, too. From connecting with international governments or associations, to understanding customs rules in China or Mexico or the EU, we provide tools global businesses need.

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