The NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) and the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) will soon launch an innovative new online course, Apparel 101, which provides an overview of import basics and responsibilities for apparel import specialists. This course will open for registration on May 14, 2018.

This six-part course is completely self-paced, including the online exam, and includes the following modules:

  1. How to Import in the United States
  2. Classification
  3. Valuation
  4. Labeling
  5. Duty-Free Programs
  6. Other Government Agencies

This is an exclusive opportunity to tap into the minds of the apparel import community's most experienced experts and educators to help students advance in their careers in this $80 billion per year industry or pursue their dream job at a leading fashion brand, retailer, importer, or wholesaler.

This course will be available to NCBFAA/USFIA members for $300 and to non-members for $600. Bulk registration discounts will be available. Click here for more details.

"The launch of this new product represents a significant step in the NEI's growth," according to NEI Executive Director Federico Zuniga. "This cooperative effort between the NEI and the fashion industry is the first of what we hope are many such fusion efforts between the NEI and various import and export sectors as we seek to deliver the widest possible range of educational products to our industry."

"USFIA has been working to ensure the industry has access to the most current information and best practices, and we are proud to launch this course, which we developed in collaboration with apparel import experts at some of the top companies," said Julia K. Hughes, President of USFIA. "In a period when companies are looking for skilled labor, especially in supply chain, global trade, logistics, and customs management, this course fills a need, and we're excited to be able to offer it at a low cost so companies of all sizes can participate."

With its growing complexity, classification of apparel has become a priority trade issue for U.S. Customs. As classification activities are moved away from daily activities, practitioners may miss opportunities for cost avoidance or cost savings in their Customs Compliance activities. With such a self-paced, readily accessible online resource, they will be able to build tool kits for both new and seasoned employees who work with apparel.

For those not well versed or comfortable with the classification and regulations that govern apparel and textiles this course will provide them with the knowledge to confidently and compliantly participate in clearing apparel and textiles into the United States.

This course would also benefit brokers looking to strengthen their services to textile importers. With changing regulations are changing and CBP placing more compliance burdens on the broker, brokers taking this course can get ahead of the changes and lower their risk of non-compliance or failed customer service.

"We are very pleased to have been able to provide this important segment of our import community with this exciting and valuable new tool to assist them to more effectively serve their clients and the commercial interests of the nation,"NEI Director Cecilia Ferrara said.