The United States Association of Importers of Textiles & Apparel (USA-ITA) expresses our sincere condolences to the victims of the recent apparel factory tragedies in Bangladesh, most recently the collapse of Rana Plaza in April.  

USA-ITA has long been committed to improving labor conditions in Bangladesh and throughout the world, and our member companies work to create sustainable and safe working conditions in the nations in which they source. In Bangladesh, we have actively advocated for fair labor practices and educated brands and retailers about the importance of factory fire safety training in particular. As we learn more details about the Rana Plaza tragedy, it’s clear that the issues in Bangladesh go far beyond fire safety.

We are actively engaging in discussions with the U.S. and Bangladeshi governments, brands and retailers, the ILO, and other industry and human rights groups to determine how to best address this complicated issue that involves the livelihoods of the millions of Bangladeshis who work in the apparel sector. We will continue to keep our members updated on these discussions, including the discussions surrounding proposed binding accords.

USA-ITA and our member companies remain committed to the safety of the workers in the factories from which our members source, not only in Bangladesh, but also all over the world.