By Dorothy Crouch

On Feb. 23, Andrea Kennedy, vice president of sustainability at Material Exchange, hosted a full-day Fashion Circularity Workshop with input from CotopaxiJDG GroupRefiberd and Shoe Waste.

“What I learned in chatting with California and U.S. brands is that many have already shifted to some exciting sustainability practices, but they know that working toward circularity is most urgent in eliminating waste and doing their share. They’re uncertain of what being circular means to their brands and how and where they should start,” Kennedy explained. “Both LA Textile and Material Exchange have similar purposes—to facilitate material sourcing so it’s more efficient, sustainable, transparent and inspiring.”

Following the workshop, participants were awarded certificates of completion signed by LA Textile, Material Exchange and the United States Fashion Industry Association.

“I loved the fact they were able to touch upon different aspects of circularity,” noted Troy Johnston of the elevated streetwear brand Milarri. “We stand behind durability. I am trying to find a way in which durability and sustainability can mean something and play on the same field. The workshop allowed me to grasp how they can work hand in hand.”