Bangladesh’s garment industry is taking up significant steps in CSR as it looks to incorporate its key principles in the corporate DNA for business growth.
by Deepankar Shyam 

Reports validate Bangladesh’s progress!

As per the 2022 Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study conducted by the United States Fashion Industry Association, US fashion brands and buyers perceive lower social and labour compliance risks in sourcing apparel from Bangladesh as the rating of the country has registered an improvement.

It moved from 2.0 in the past few years to 2.5 in 2022 thereby reflecting the fashion companies’ acknowledgment of the continued efforts to improve social responsibility in the Bangladesh apparel sector.

“In comparison, more than 70 per cent of respondents say sourcing from China now involves ‘high’ or ‘very high’ labour and social compliance risks,” underlined the report while adding the US-based fashion brands and buyers will increase their sourcing from Bangladesh over the next two years along with India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Industry insiders credited this upward movement of Bangladesh apparel industry in terms of social and labour compliance largely to the endeavours undertaken by large number of individual entities towards ensuring their workers’ well-being even if CSR initiatives not only promote the welfare and well-being of garment workers but also focus on ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions and access to healthcare and education.

What’s more, CSR programmes also reduce accidents and provide social support to workers and their families.

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