By Deborah Belgum

The apparel industry has taken a stand against tariffs. Most recently, the U.S. Fashion Industry Association in Washington, D.C., joined forces with more than 80 organizations to voice its concern about the damaging effects of tariffs.

“The fashion industry is pleased to join with a wide range of industries and organizations across the country to fight the proposed tariffs, which will amount to an additional tax on consumers and limit consumer choices,” said USFIA President Julie Hughes. “The proposed 25 percent duties on consumer products will not achieve the stated goal of eliminating China’s troublesome intellectual property and technology transfer practices. Furthermore, the tariffs will harm American consumers at all income levels—from the single parent struggling to make ends meet as they purchase back-to-school necessities for their kids to the consumer of high-end fashion manufactured in the United States and every American family in between—by imposing a substantial regressive tax on basic household purchases of clothing, footwear, back-to-school items and home goods.”

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