By Christian Ewert and Julia K. Hughes

We expect that EU and US negotiators will have a small ceremony when meeting this week for the 10th round of transatlantic trade talks – not to celebrate themselves, but to welcome the recent approval of the trade promotion authority (TPA) by the US Congress and the broadly supportive resolution by the European Parliament.

The second anniversary of the start of the EU-US trade negotiations is also the right time to address three fundamental myths about TTIP that continue to capture public attention. Firstly, the public hype about this and the preceding rounds seems to indicate that completion of the talks is imminent and that time is nearly up for the involved parties to decisively influence the outcome. However, the reality is that negotiations are still at an early stage and little progress has been achieved in two years. A debate is being conducted about the impact of an agreement, of which the cornerstones are yet to be known.

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