By Tara Donaldson

President Trump wants tariffs, he wants to nix or renegotiate trade deals so that everything’s “fair” and he wants to reduce the U.S. trade deficit—the problem with all of that, however, is that while his administration works on it, the rest of the world is carrying on with trade and the U.S. seems to be getting left behind.

In looking at Trump’s first 300 days in office, it’s largely been more talk than anything else when it comes to trade.

Speaking at the United States Fashion Industry Association’s Annual Apparel Importers Trade and Transportation Conference in New York Wednesday, John Fee, a partner at Alston & Bird law firm who focuses on trade, said he would put Trump’s tenure to date between two book ends, starting with the launch of the America First ethos at the inauguration, and ending with his recent speech debasing multilateral trade deals at the recent APEC summit.

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