by Jasmin Malik Chua | January 5, 2024

At the U.S. Fashion Industry Association’s Apparel Importers Trade & Transportation Conference in New York in November, Robert Silvers, undersecretary of strategy, policy and plans at the Department of Homeland Security, called enforcement an “iterative, ongoing process.”

“It’s kind of like cleaning and painting a cruise ship,” he said. “You keep moving onto the next part; you keep touching it up because supply chains are shifting, companies select different vendors, vendors recalibrate what they’re making [and] where they’re sourcing from. And we’re constantly getting market intelligence, we’re constantly getting new technology that we can use to do our work, and industry, likewise, is experimenting, in a very good way, with technologies also, giving it more power to make smart choices about supply chains and getting more certainty for itself."

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