By Liu Yanan, Yang Shilong


"This is one of the big strengths for the Chinese industry and part of why China is the top supplier and we think China will remain the top supplier," said Julia K. Hughes, president of U.S. Fashion Industry Association (USFIA).

The year 2018 saw China processing 54.6 million tons of fibers, accounting for half of the world's total, and exporting 276.73 billion U.S. dollars in textile and apparel, or 36 percent of the world's total, showed the CNTAC statistics.

"No other country or region in the world could match China's enormous production capacity in the textile and apparel industry in the foreseeable future," said the 6th annual Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study, penned by Sheng Lu, associate professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies of the University of Delaware, in cooperation with the USFIA.

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