The United States Fashion Industry Association is pleased to announce that we have a new industry partner for 2014. KPMG LLP, the U.S. member firm of KPMG International, a long-time Associate Member of USFIA, has been selected as our Premier Partner.

KPMG’s Trade & Customs practice consists of hundreds of global trade consultants serving businesses that engage in cross border transactions. Many of our members have or currently do utilize KPMG as their customs and trade consultants. We have worked with KPMG on many occasions in past years, and always value the service and insight they have provided to the association. For that reason, KPMG was invited to be our Premier Partner.

As USFIA's Premier Partner, KPMG will work collaboratively with the association to provide up to date trade information and customs news, and also act as a point of contact for key technical issues that may impact our members. KPMG will be actively engaged with the membership throughout the year, offering seminars, webinars, attending conferences, and providing expertise on important trade topics. Last year, our webinars with KPMG on royalties and license fees and trade and customs topics in Canada were some of our most popular ever; this year, you can expect even more collaborations between USFIA and KPMG. Please see below a list of benefits you can expect from our arrangement:

  • Invitations to KPMG’s regional seminars, featuring KPMG professionals speaking on important trade topics
  • KPMG professionals’ participation at USFIA seminars and other events
  • An in-depth educational seminar the day before the 26th Annual Textile & Apparel ImporterConference in New York in November, held at KPMG’s New York offices
  • Free quarterly webinars offered by KPMG/USFIA on important trade topics
  • Periodic trade updates to the membership authored by KPMG trade professionals

"We are excited to welcome KPMG as our Premier Partner. Following our successful events with KPMG's Trade & Customs practice last year, they were the obvious choice to provide even more information to our members. This is an important year for trade policy, as well as the association as we celebrate our 25th anniversary with a new name and brand.” –Julia K. Hughes, President, United States Fashion Industry Association

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected as USFIA’s Premier Partner. This is an outstanding opportunity for KPMG, as our global trade practice works with many retailers and a large number of USFIA’s members are already our trade and customs clients. Our firm is very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to sharing insights on the latest issues and challenges that are impacting your industry.” –Andy Siciliano, U.S. National Practice Leader, KPMG Trade & Customs

Stay tuned for more information, and save the date for March 11th at 11:00 AM ET/8:00 AM PT for our first quarterly webinar with KPMG on the results of KPMG’s First Sale and Foreign Trade Zone benchmarking studies.

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