By Leonie Barrie 

The fear of the imminent rise in new tariffs on virtually all U.S. imports from China – including textiles, apparel and footwear – seems to have abated for now. But what’s potentially at stake was set out by dozens of executives from apparel and footwear brands, retailers and importers who took part in a series of recent hearings in Washington. Here’s what they had to say.

While the 301 tariffs might result in trade diversion from China, it will not lead to more sourcing in the United States. We often hear that argument that uncertainty and disruption to global supply chains will lead to more jobs here in the U.S., as manufacturers return from overseas. That’s not the case for the fashion industry. The manufacturing capacity and the workers are not in the United States. – Julia Hughes, president of the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

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