Just-Style published an article titled "Trade groups want China tariffs scrapped to offset virus impact". The article discusses a letter sent to Larry Kudlow, director of the US National Economic Council, calling for the immediate removal of China 301 tariffs on a number of consumer goods. USFIA and over 23 industry groups signed on to the letter. According to the industry groups who signed on to the letter, tariff removal should part of an "emergency response" by the Government as the economic impact of COVID-19 worsens.  The letter states "Such a move would instantly put billions of dollars back into the US economy. This action also would provide certainty to American companies and encourage new hiring and new investment – moves that are now on hold given the unprecedented uncertainty facing the US economy. American consumers would also see benefits given that these tariffs act as a tax that often show up at retail in the form of higher prices. The lifting of these tariffs also requires no congressional action."

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